Saturday, July 31, 2010

this is a big deal

Leave it up to liberal and free-thinking Catalonia to finally outlaw bullfighting. So what if this may have far deeper political implications than what it seems? It's not just about animal rights, people. It's about independence and nationalism, and Catalonia has got a lot of it. Though not quite as extreme as Basque Country, this region, too, sees itself in a different light than the rest of Spain. Despite this, I sense respect among the other Spanish regions for their northern cousin, and only hope that they may follow suit in the future. The ban will take effect in 2012.

Friday, July 30, 2010

friday morning

I just came in from the cold, gusty street where I was enjoying (despite the cold gustiness) a few moments of freshly brewed Friday morning air on the front doorstep.

Then a two-door classic Oldsmobile, a car that would have been cool if it weren't the color of poop, came zooming down Bush, the conductor letting out a booming "PUTA!!" right in my face as he whizzed by.

I don't normally like to be called a whore, but it IS pretty funny to harass pedestrians from rapid-moving cars. I can't say I haven't been guilty of this same obnoxious act upon other unsuspecting strangers.

I just couldn't help but wonder...why whore? Is it the leopard-print leggings I'm wearing today?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

still watching...

...still loving:

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Woohoo for back-to-back concerts! Wednesday at the Fox Theatre in Oakland for MGMT; Thursday at the Warfield just down the hill in the 'loin for the Dead Weather.

When such luck occurs, one cannot help but compare. I think it's safe to say that the two groups are on a level playing-field...both significantly famous (if Dead Weather doesn't reach MGMT's popularity, Jack White certainly does)...both tempting bait for preying hipsters...both two bands that I love.

So why does MGMT constantly disappoint? Maybe it had something to do with the crazed high schoolers standing near us, whose interest in the show was seriously questionable. They must have been yearning for a change of scene from their parents' living room and The Hills. It could also have been MGMT's very own reflection of their fan base...did they really plug the i-pod in for Kids? Is this even ABOUT the music?

Okay, so it was still a good show if you ask me. They mixed it up well between their new and old albums, and hey, it sounded pretty damn good. And of course seeing anyone at the Fox is a cool experience...a classy stateliness mixed with funky eccentricity makes for a venue reminiscent of a Tibetan monastery married to an opera house (if only such a thing existed). Nonetheless, originality, improvisation...general "rockmanship" on the musicians' part was lacking.

And the Dead Weather totally blew MGMT out of the water. A power group of skilled, sexy musicians with style--impressive to say the least. There really is no use in even describing the intensity of the show, because my words will provide no justice. Check it out here...Jack White is a god.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new computer

A few weeks ago I dropped the most money I have ever spent on one purchase, buying this very computer I type on. I am now a proud apple owner! And life is infinitely easier as far as sharing in cyber-world goes. Enjoy a few photos of my summer adventures...

My cousin Paul gets married, and I remember how beautiful Lake Tahoe is. Welcome to the family Ngan!

After the Fourth of July party at a friend's, Kaitlyn, Kate and I try a timer-photo shoot. Difficult task after eight hours of beer drinking.
We go to see Paul McCartney at the AT&T ballpark, and he rocks a three hour set that includes a double encore. How old is this guy?
The civic center puts out a giant-screen TV in the plaza, and the place is packed...with far more Europeans than Americans. Some Spanish friends rejoicing at Spain's world cup victory.
Ashley, Ralph and I go to NYC to see a free concert on Governor's Island. What else could justify such a ridiculous cross-country trip?
Caribou plays on a fake, electric of the cooler venues I've been too.
We also get to see some of our best girlfriends :)
...And finally, serious quality time is spent with the Vickster. Here she is at Baker Beach, where we spend a relaxing afternoon passed out on our bellies, consequently frying the backsides of our bodies.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

the return

Hello from the city by the bay! If I were writing bad poetry, the next line would be "Well, what's there to say?"

I am having issues getting started. What IS there to say? I've been back stateside for about two and a half weeks, and it's been such a whirlwind that I don't really know how or where to pick it back up...

When I had my summer vacation in mind, I imagined kicking it off with five relaxing weeks in San Francisco...but it's been nothing of the sort. In reality, it's thus far been jam-packed with activity...from a wedding, to the world cup (CAMPEONES!), to concerts, to just plain enjoying the company of family and friends while sampling this city's incredible array of ethnic eateries (something there isn't a whole lot of in Spain). It's been non-stop.

Today is the first day in a while that I find myself able to indulge in solo time, to catch my breath and catch up with myself. I feel as though I have grown so accustomed over this past year to an unceasing laxness and tons of spare time...the result being a slight culture shock which has physically manifested itself in my lower neck and shoulders.

This weekend I will make the journey to the opposite coast for a wild and crazy and SWEATY (so excited for sticky, humid, hot heat) weekend in NYC. Is this all going to be over before I can swallow it down? Yep.