Friday, December 13, 2013

the rest of 2013 in photos

I've been meaning to do this for months and months and months.  Here are some photos, thank you Danny K for the iphone that made so many of these moments capture-able!

Some are very old and they are all out of order.

My old hood, my new hood.  We moved last month into our own place, just a five minute walk, after a very memorable era at Fusina.  We love our new apartment but Fusina is undoubtedly the best street to live on in Barcelona.

There were 800 photos to choose from and this was one of them.  End of the 2012/2013 school year, we studied summer clothing.  Here are some boys in my summer clothes.

Are some of these squared because of Instagram?  Not sure.  This is Fusina Rotten Umbrella: The re-making of.  We used palm tree branches to make a super cool umbrella cover because the other was covered in mold after spending all winter outside.

We are always saying that we will go hiking more but never actually do.  When was this, April maybe?  Montserrat, pretty incredible place.

This was just last month.  The Ibiza crew, 4 lyfe.

We went to Madrid in May...saw these lovely faces...

And went to a wedding...dressed in our roommate's clothes..

Here come the men in black, men in blaaaaack, galaxy defenders!

I teach English at a photography studio and they took my portrait.  It was humiliating, but the results are nice! Thank you :)

Sluiz is an enormous home decor warehouse in Ibiza that is possibly a drug font.  Lucas LOVES this place.

Over Semana Santa, the water was chiiiiiilly, so we wore these matching wetsuits.  Mom  has this picture on her fridge..she says we look like movie stars.

That hand was a prop for Halloween lessons.  Then it became a prop for things like cooking or scratching backs.

SUMMER.  This was our favorite spot to go for a dip.  Technically it's prohibited to go out on the jetties in the city, but the beach is unbearable in the summer...

 BOTIFARRAAAA! Typical Catalan sausage, probably my favorite food of Catalan cuisine.

Els gegants...also very typical of Catalunya.  On any given weekend you can find a parade of them somewhere in the city.  This was right outside my house.

Sushi at Fusina!

A while ago.   Gardening at Fusina...Lucas made planters with pallets.

This summer we rented a scooter and explored around the dirt roads of Formentera for three days.  Slept on the beach and in caves!! Feels like a dream now...

Formentera.... oops!  A storm brought this sleeping boat up to shore.

Sant Joan---the equivalent of 4th of July in Catalunya.

This is March....

And some months later, Olivia was born!!!!!!!!!! July 7th, 2013

The great grandmother.

Pilar, Marcelo, Alex and Isabela came to visit.  If they came out with an album, this would be the cover.

My uncle Marcelo :)


Macba, the modern art museum, is probably the "coolest" place in town.  Skater heaven.

Kristen and Dustin got married!  September 2013

Wedding weekend...roaming around Aspen.

Went digging through old photos at Mom's house and found this gem...

Mom selfie! Vickie and I went on a road trip to Charleston..

We visited the Angel Oak tree..

I saw two childhood friends this summer that I hadn't seen in over ten years.  It's amazing, how it feels like nothing has changed..

Mom's oasis in NC.

Ten years, several moves, a baby.....

The housemates of Fusina, in a not-very-flattering photo of any of us.

Deerhunter at Primavera Sound. 

Ibiza. We went and saw the movie Badlands and Lucas was a cowboy for weeks afterwards.

Autumnal sunrise with Jenna.

Boat camping in Formentera.

The next day we fished a barracuda! 

This is from May.  Jenna finished her postgrad in art therapy and they had an exposition.  Here is her work, pretty cool stuff!


A fall fideua in Ibiza.  Fideua is the Catalan version of paella, more or less the same idea but with little macaroni noodles instead of rice.  Romain, in the middle, is a master of the art.

Oh, Barceloneta....  This is a picture from a second hand market we took part in.  Made some three hundred euros and had an amazing time hanging out and bartering.

Sometimes starting a fire can be complicated and extreme measures must be taken. 

How many paellas did we have this summer?? I think half my photos are from these events.  This is what I love about Barcelona.. the mediterranean lifestyle is somehow so much more apparent than in Madrid.

Despite what most non-catalans say, learning the language can be quite useful!  Here we all are from Básic 1 in front of the school.

November in Barcelona :)

My friends Toni and Marta.  Important--a few weeks ago Toni let Marta and I put makeup on him.

Our new pad!  With Rafa :)

Lucas at his new office!  Pretty incredible feat...getting a job in this market at a very interesting Japanese cloud-computing start up!! 


AND THIS.  So surreal!!!

Squid fishing!

And we saw dolphins!

December dip.  Perhaps the last of 2013.  Looking forward to the new year and in TEN DAYS SEEING MY MOM AND SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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